Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kecil cili api.

being in Paeds ward for more than a month had taught me a lot of new things.
even though they are still small and tak banyak makan garam as compared to us, who are older,
but they are wiser, sincere and have beautiful hearts compare to us.

i met a small girl, named Ani who wants to be a veterinar like i do..
she was diagnosed with brain tumor two months ago and just had her surgery done last few weeks.
she is doing well but sometimes her emotions are not quite stable.
maybe she is sad, being at hospital, lying down on the bed. she couldn't get out and play or even go to school. maybe she misses everything outside there.

but she is a small girl with a big heart,
when u look into her eyes u can see a spirit that is burning wildly and strongly.

i went to see her last Thursday. she was alone as her mother went to cafeteria to buy somefood.
i talked to her, advice her and tell her that she is a strong girl.
when i about to leave her bed, she said "doa kan Ani ye."
that small kid, saying it purely to u, her wishes.
as if she really wanted that u pray for her health.

she is a strong girl.

from that words, u know that she accepts all the qadr by Allah swt with an open heart. she didnt blame Allah for giving her that disease, nor the disease makes her weak, instead she turns into a stronger, beautiful girl.

i replied her, "insyaAllah, Ani kan kuat. Allah uji kita tanda dia sayang kita kan? Allah tahu Ani budak yang kuat ye"

She nodded with a smile on her face. She replied "betul..ummi (mother) ada cakap dekat Ani."

MasyaAllah, how this small kid can act like an adult and able to accept all the test by Allah calmly.

She is a strong girl with a beautiful heart. 

her surgery took about 13 hours in the operation table and Subhanallah, this small girl is now trying hard to replace all the solah that she missed during that operation. All tabik spring goes to her mother, who is for me, a great lady that able to teach this small girl to be such a solehah daughter.

Ani, Kak Mai doakan Ani akan menjadi seorang anak yang soleh dan insyaAllah dapat menjadi seorang veterinar! :)

and not to forget, Happy Mother's Day to my beloved mom, Puan Aini! Sayang mami!

updated post : I just received a news that Ani has make her way to Heaven to meet our Creator, Allah SWT. She taught me a great lesson in life and she will not be forget. Al-Fatihah. (31/7/15)

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