Sunday, April 16, 2017

Life and chance.

So yesterday we went for Fast Furious 8. It was a great movie though, emphasizing on the importance of a family and how it really does matter to someone's life.

And seems like Kamil's favorite line from the movie is "I got no choice!!" - Dom.

Just happen today, during our early dinner. Abah said what had happened at school-he caught some naughty students and called up the parents to discuss about their child.

from Abah point of view, or can I say his personal conclusion : Most of the problematic students come from a broken family, from a divorced family, parents are separated.

Abah told us to take care of our family well as to come to a simple equation ; Happy family produce good human being. (there is lot more to discuss the definition of a happy family)

But to think it back, no one choose to be born in a broken family, woke up every morning seeing your parents arguing and fighting.

No one choose to walk through a dark valley.
No one choose to be labeled as a "bad" guy.

No one.

Then FF8 line comes into my mind again "I have got no choice!!"

Saturday, March 4, 2017

So he said,

"Kalau boleh saya nak bagi yang terbaik untuk awak" - luah dari sekeping hati yang tidak pernah lelah dalam mencintai aku.

Namun, kata kata itu dibiarkan tergantung. Tidak bersambut. Tidak juga dilontarkan kembali.

Yang pastinya, kata kata itu membuat jiwa kacau ini tenang seketika. Sebelum taufan datang meribut sekali lagi.

Terima kasih atas segala usaha untuk menghadiahkan pelangi di setiap hari hari ku.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Off money and Uncle Jack

Tak pernah rasa kering nya duit sampai la semalam,

Waktu kami nak makan late lunch di Uncle Jack. Pseudo twin of KFC.

Bukak dompet, dua dua dompet kering. Pergi ATM nak keluarkan duit,  duit segan nak keluar. Kad kena reject. Selongkar semua poket dalam handbag, hoping for ade la duit syiling yang tersesat.

Alhamdulillah masih ada rezeki untuk kami. :)

Macam ni rupanya jadi golongan 'susah'. Tapi susah2 kami susah lagi orang lain.

Hari hari doa supaya Allah murahkan rezeki keluarga kecil kami. InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"it takes all the efforts to send you to school".

Then Teacher Mai bursts into tears.

Only when you are a teacher you will understand the meaning of

"marah kerana sayang"

Monday, February 13, 2017

Kecewanya seorang guru

After being a teacher myself (even not a fully functioning teacher)

Only now I understood the feelings of how dissapointed a teacher is when his/her students can't give the correct answer after putting 100% effort in teaching them.

Like how Prof L scolded me in front of the class after answering ace-i to be prescribed for a hypertensive patient with underlying diabetes in our OSCE exam. He was clearly upset on me. He has being teaching us the same thing, repeating it all over again and keep emphasising it through out the 4 weeks of our posting.

He was upset. And so did I.

So now, after hours of shouting, explaining, talking and scolding.. The students still give me the wrong answer.

I was upset. But more to myself. They are not wrong. Because they are learning.

Mistakes are meant to make you better.

And somehow, not the excellent result that we hope for. We, teachers just hope that you will grow up as a human.

Teacher Mai
(not so a genius medical student)
(half bake doctor, quarter bake teacher)