Saturday, May 23, 2015

count your blessing

" we do not appreciate life until we feel that we may lose it"

Just now I watched a short video about how different is a cancer patient's view about their life compare to us, healthy living corpse on Earth.

their hope for the future is simple, "i wish i will be able to walk." - A leukemia patient.

Thats it man.

...I just wish that I can walk....

Without we realized, able to walk is one of the ni'mat that was given by Allah swt. We just take that for granted. Have we ever say Thank Allah for giving us a chance to walk?

And when they were asked about what the things that make you happy, some said, the breeze that gently touch my cheeks does make me happy.

Wohaaa. so simple things. but they enjoyed it very much!

"Appreciate the little things, they become important when we lose them." Ya Allah. How lucky we are to receive or to have so much other blessings.

We are granted with a healthy body, perfect limbs that able to walk and run. And we are able to sleep every night without worrying about to tomorrow or suffer from the pain and life pressure.

But they (cancer patients) need to undergo so much pressure. They have to go to hospital frequently, take medicines everyday and face the chronic pain. But all those things still make they grateful
and able to enjoy every moment in their life.

So start from now, count your blessings and do not give up in your life.

Dream high, have hope and put your trust upon Allah SWT.

"Who do not have hope and do not believe in Allah, have nothing."

Say Alhamdulillah (All praises to Allah SWT)

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