Wednesday, July 1, 2015

so tell me what is your dream?

in this life, there are so many things that we do not agree with.
the things that we feel so unfair towards us
we always view others' life are much better than us
we never happy the greener leaves on our yard

we work hard
try to be the best among the best
willing to do anything to make sure we have everything extra
compare to others
we will not be happy when others are doing well than us

jealousy,greedy, envy
you name it
all those feelings fill up our heart

but come to think about it,..
where all these things going to bring us?
and until what extend that we will be happy and feel satisfied?
and all those luxury, money and sport cars will never be our real life goals.

those things never grant us Jannah
instead it probably bring us further from our Creator, Allah SWT

count your blessings,
say Alhamdulillah
then you realized you have more than you need.


-14 Ramadhan

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