Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Research Project

Has being immersed in this Research Project block for about 3 weeks.
and i guess, i have successfully wasted that 3 weeks.
well done mai!

Luckily i have Awang, to help me go through this research block.
it is so dry. dry. dry

today, i guess we just figure out what is actually our research is all about.
feeling like,wearing a new spectacles today.

what a waste before this.

i cramped my mind. i am tired.
i am sick of this.
honestly, i think this research block is wasting my time.
im sorry ms uta.

the only good thing about this research project is,
it helps me to be a good newspaper-reader.
as i have to evaluate the health news' contents.

is it consider a good thing?
IS IT???!

Dear Allah, help me ya Allah.
ease everything for me O Allah...

its nerves freaking when thinking about pro exam.
haven't prepared any single thing yet!!!!!

im going to kill myselffffff!!!!!!!!!!

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