Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Alan Watts : What if money was no object?

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I love this poster. some how it give me courage to escape from my cage. it really enlighten me to be more brave to explore my own life. to do something that we really love. not just simply follow what others did.

So, I discuss this with Awang as Im spending a lot of time with him for the sake of our research project.

You know what Awang reply?

"But money is an object." saying with no emotion with a flat tone.

and that really kill me. like "duhh".

ok. full stop.

i told Awang that i do love to hear people opinion about life or about philosophy or maybe about their mission and vision. after hearing that, he said, "ok Mai. talk. im listening."

Double "duhh.."

Awang is born this way.

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