Monday, April 30, 2012

DISLIKE Bersih 3.0

"Pandai. Dah tahu ada Bersih kt KL tu kenapa pergi jugak?"

Ingatkan nak tolong kesian kan. Ni dak.. Tak memasal dapat title PANDAI.
Yelah, kami ni memang pandai. Nak jugak keluar hari Sabtu tuh. Kan dah tak pasal pasal stuck at KL cause all the LRT station were closed! Oh, awesome enough!

KTM pun apa lagi sesak macam sardin lah!

Have to walk to Kamal Bookstore from Sogo.
(digagah kan kaki jua ke Kamal sebab tu tujuan utama!)
Feeling extremely scared cause Yellow peeps are everywhere!
Helicopter flew above our heads every 10 mins.
Ambulance rushed here and there.
And Inche FRU + police stood on the roads.
Scary enough dude!

*Perasaan seperti berada di negara perang*
*Keadaan di Palestine pasti lebih teruk!*

Disliking Bersih.
This is not the right way to voice out your-human-right or your politician views?!
You are acting like people without brain! (Zombie might ate your brain already right?)

when the LRT is really full with stinky people, everyone squeeze in at every station!

*feeling wanna slap someone*
when that &*%* guy himpit himpit dengan aku!
you might not have any intention to do so, but I just DISLIKE it!

Dislike BERSIH 3.0!
If u dont give me any trouble during my outing day, I might consider to LIKE it.

Anda mungkin tak salah untuk gather for voicing out. But violence is out of the syllabus. 

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