Monday, April 9, 2012

Right path to Jannah.


Happy Monday dearies..
Feeling extremely relief because today I just have one class at 11a.m.
Anatomy class with Dr. Umesh. =)

something cross out my mind last night while I were folding a mountain of shirts.

"Can I really be a doctor? Will be there a second chance for me?"

I am scared. scared of the future.
Failed the 1st exam in MBBS is really not a good sign.
It really demotivated me.

To cross the passing line and achieve A for next exam is something that is aint easy.
It needs a lot of effort and I need motivation to keep moving on.

A bit sad when the person I seek for some spirit don't really bother about me.

When I send a message to u, friend, I really meant it.
I hope to hear something from u that could make me a bit relief, at least.

Well, that means, in any cases, seek only Allah. Allah the One.
From Allah everything comes and therefore only Allah is the powerful for everything.
Lesson learnt.

"O Allah, may this path is the right one for me. May this ambition (to be a doctor) is something that could drive me straight to your Jannah. If that so, make everything easy for me. Help me to go through all this obstacles. And please Ya Allah, dont keep me astray. Amiinnn.."

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