Tuesday, November 1, 2016

To sum up..

Alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah.

It has being one month plus i am officially jobless,  not literally goyang kaki at home,  but not more a medical student.  Alhamdulillah i had passed my MBBS exam with the help of my lecturers,  friends and family. Thank u all.

So,  in another 2 weeks i will be flying of to Mecca to perform my umrah with my family. Cant believe that another one of my bucketlist will be tick off real soon. But it is not an ordinary or similar as my other things-to-do list. It is an important chapter in my life as a Muslim. I hope that everything will be as smooth as a mango smoothie. InsyaAllah.

And less than 2 weeks after i come back from umrah, i will be getting engaged to someone whom i love dearly. It is kinda a mix feeling coz u dont know what is waiting for u ahead. Im scared. But im excited in the same time.

The feeling is like riding on a rollercoaster. Full of ups and down. Alhamdulillah so far we havent had big quarrel or perang dunia ketiga.. Just a normal lovie dovie merajuk menyampah that i like to do. Lol. K sorry.

When u are getting serious to marry someone, u doubt lot of things. U start to think about merepek things like,  will we be happily married ever after and blessed with kids. Will we able to support our family.  Will we able to raised our kids to be a successful person. Will they jaga us when we getting old. Lots of things running in your mind even though all that things are still far ahead.

I pray hard that Allah will make it easy for us. I am far beyond perfection and i hope that he can accept me for who i am.

Welcoming adult life with cheers.

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