Friday, July 29, 2016

Dear you,

To my better other half, Happy Birthday!

I am truly sorry that I didn't wish your birthday earlier. It is not that I forget about it, it just that I don't have any feeling to write a lengthy and sweetie-pie post for your birthday. As you know what had happened yesterday. Hmm. This should be a letter, but yeah it is too late to post a letter to you.

So, I am wishing you a great happy birthday. Knowing you for almost a year is something that I never regret. There are so many lessons that I have learnt from you. It has being a year that full of colours and surprise. Never thought that a simple whats app message will end this far.

To you, someone who I hope will held my hand and guide me through all the storm, rain and thunder,
To you, someone who I hope I can rely on when life hits me hard,
To you, someone who I hope will lend a shoulder when I need one,
To you, someone who I hope will listen to all my rumblings and nonsense dream,

Happy Birthday once again.

I pray that you will be a responsible, caring and loving husband.
I pray that both of us will be the best parents that our future child will be proud of.
I pray that both of us will be the best daughter and son that our parents ever had.

Afterall, a true love doesn't only give happiness in this temporary life,
a true love will keep ignite and brings us closer to the One who creates us.

One year older means one year wiser. Buckle up, you gonna be someone's husband real soon!

Your future garang wife.

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