Friday, March 27, 2015

Life, luck and chance.

When u were in your mom's womb, u can choose to be a girl or a boy.
And when your mom was about to deliver u, there were options of being born alive or dead.

An when you are growing up, u can choose to be a bad one or a good one. either to study hard and excel in your studies or being the dumb one.

when u are about to get married, u can choose the girl that u want to marry to.

but sometimes, we didnt work that hard to score that shining blink-blink A in our exam. we didnt sure either the house that we buy is the best house that we can get.

and sometimes, we are not the best human on Earth to be that lucky to married to the nicest women on Earth. sometimes,..maybe it is just luck. and sometimes, there were no luck. we thought the nicest cheeky girl that we met, can be the best life partner till death, but we were wrong... maybe the luck was not there. hmmm.

eversince we are born, we always in the middle of junction, of choices... and what happens in our life, sometimes it just happen by chance, or we call it as luck.

but, the truth is everything happened is already fated by Allah. either we view it as good or bad, believe that everything planned by Allah is the best for us and for our eeman. insyaAllah. 

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