Sunday, December 16, 2012

Freedom of Speech.

Speech, something that we speak out.

Writing in the blog, or in FB or Twitter-ing is consider as delivering the speech as well. Simply saying, something that came out from u either u speak it out or with action -- write.

Oh oh, it is just how i want to describe about the freedom-of-speech not to define what is speech.

as i read through Ashabul Islam's blog, and came across one of the entry titled "You know why I write more, and talk less?", i found the 'mentol tandas' for writing this entry.

Simply, the entry delivered a message how we misused the freedom of speech that we have. we write something that is lagha in our blog (just like me, duhh), we update our FB with something that is not necessary (just like me) and we Tweet and Re-tweet something that just waste our time and lead us astray (just like meee!). Dont we?

If u dont, then Alhamdulillah. :)

But if you did, then howww????!!!! (tarik tarik rambut, hentak kepala di dinding)

So, I guess, i should stop myself from updating my endless and pointless love story. Not beneficial at all!!
There is no point to feel that sad or that mad or that happy for a LUST!


i have to remember that, every single word comes from me is counted. is counted dude.

Astaghfirulllah. How many bad words that I spoke through out of my 19 years of life?!. T_T

So yeah, reformation has to be made!!!

Lets stop updating something stinky, yucky and wicky in THIS blog!
Stop saying bad words.
forget Mimi Mortica's poem.
Forget 1D (to listen to them once a while,
Less read Fixi's books and Lejen Press' as well. (a bit sad. ahh. be strong!)

Read more Islamic books. (you got them a lot in your shelves Mai [~.~] )
Listen more to Islamic talks.
Read Yasmin Mogahed's blog (my newest fav) often, read APG, do more Islamic blog hopping!

All the best to you Mai!

and... all the best to you too.

A part of Tomyam paste from the entry

They forgot,
tongue and genitals are the main reasons,
dragging human to hell.

They forgot,
they'll be held responsible,
for all their doings,
wrong and right.

They forgot,
all things they write or say,
all will become their share,
good ones for their reward,
bad ones for their sins,
all are accounted for.

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