Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dunya and Akhirot test.

Second failure.

A second key to achieve success.

It is not that easy to keep your head straight forward and continue walking ahead.
I was dumb by my exam result again! Naissss.

Please friend, don't say anything to me.
I know you are a good friend, but just please give me space and time to be alone.
I need time for healing.
I need to look back to the past.

I am feeling bad as I know how much u hope that I pass this time.
I am sorry. I cant make it.
I have tried.
Truly I have tried.
But it seems like, the rizk is not with me yet.

I am a heartbroken.
But I still have faith in Allah. !

P/s  Saya nak pergi Zoo. *Strutt strutt * Sedut hingus.

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