Sunday, April 16, 2017

Life and chance.

So yesterday we went for Fast Furious 8. It was a great movie though, emphasizing on the importance of a family and how it really does matter to someone's life.

And seems like Kamil's favorite line from the movie is "I got no choice!!" - Dom.

Just happen today, during our early dinner. Abah said what had happened at school-he caught some naughty students and called up the parents to discuss about their child.

from Abah point of view, or can I say his personal conclusion : Most of the problematic students come from a broken family, from a divorced family, parents are separated.

Abah told us to take care of our family well as to come to a simple equation ; Happy family produce good human being. (there is lot more to discuss the definition of a happy family)

But to think it back, no one choose to be born in a broken family, woke up every morning seeing your parents arguing and fighting.

No one choose to walk through a dark valley.
No one choose to be labeled as a "bad" guy.

No one.

Then FF8 line comes into my mind again "I have got no choice!!"

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