Monday, February 13, 2017

Kecewanya seorang guru

After being a teacher myself (even not a fully functioning teacher)

Only now I understood the feelings of how dissapointed a teacher is when his/her students can't give the correct answer after putting 100% effort in teaching them.

Like how Prof L scolded me in front of the class after answering ace-i to be prescribed for a hypertensive patient with underlying diabetes in our OSCE exam. He was clearly upset on me. He has being teaching us the same thing, repeating it all over again and keep emphasising it through out the 4 weeks of our posting.

He was upset. And so did I.

So now, after hours of shouting, explaining, talking and scolding.. The students still give me the wrong answer.

I was upset. But more to myself. They are not wrong. Because they are learning.

Mistakes are meant to make you better.

And somehow, not the excellent result that we hope for. We, teachers just hope that you will grow up as a human.

Teacher Mai
(not so a genius medical student)
(half bake doctor, quarter bake teacher)

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