Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dont turn affectionate to hatred.

I was standing there, in front of a person, whom I adore so much. He is one of my inspiration; to be a good doctor as him.

He was scolding me in front of other people, for about one hour. He didnt give me any second to explain the situation.

and the only last word that I could remember is, if i became a doctor one day, i might easily miss out things that my patient complaining of.

i might give them the less-care.

his words freeze the time. and all the memories of  5 years of hardship rewind in my mind.

i almost give up, wanted to walk away from the room and slammed the door hard without looking back anymore.

but hey wait, he might be right.

and i need to continue moving forward to prove that he is wrong.

i know you do care. 

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