Sunday, April 10, 2016

How do you prove your LOVE?

One of my Professor always asked us during BST (Bed Side Teaching) "How do you know your boyfriend loves you? How do you really sure he is saying the truth and not lying??"

Basically, the question is, how do you prove your loved one that you love him/her?

So for me, love needs constant reminder. Every single day, you must put an effort to prove your sincere love. Be it in words or an action. But it needs constant reminder.

Like how my roommate always ask me and Nik every single morning (there is certain period she is acting like this),

"do you guys love me?", every single time after she finished shower.

We said, yes we do. But she never accept it and said that we are 'just saying' --kinda things. (uprolling eyeballs)

For us, loving her just not means that we need to say "Yes, we love you" every single morning. Loving her means,

1. helping her to find her 'always-missing-spectacles' every single morning.
2. trying to solve her problem (no 1) by attaching strand to the specs. (and she got really pissed off!)
2. constantly convince her that she looks beautiful in any outfits.
3. checking her conjunctiva is getting red or not after hours of contact lens usage.
4. convince her that she is having normal BMI.
5. keep her calm that one day she will find her truly zauj God send from Heaven.

However, she didn't notice our small and meaningless efforts. She still want to hear us saying,


This scenario makes me wonder, how do I prove my love to Allah then? The One who creates me and the Earth.

Is it enough by just saying that, "O Allah, I love you O Allah"

Or is it enough just by completed my daily 5 times prayer?

Does Allah accept my love?

Did everything I do can truly convince Him that I love Him, Allah swt?

What should I do more?

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