Friday, July 31, 2015


Today is not a Mothers Day, but I would like to thank my mom, who has being the strongest person in the world. She is my hero, she is the apple of my eyes. How I miss lying down beside her while listening to her complaint, lutut sakit la..selalu tidur kat office la. And how she is really worried about me and my sister not getting her any future son in law. sigh. sorry mom.

so now im in my second o&g posting. o&g has being the scariest posting for me not because of the lecturers but mainly because of the procedures that i need to observe to fill up my logbook. pehh staying inside a labour room for SVD really make my legs tremble and shaking. in certain complicated deliveries, a mother can loss up to 4L of blood. but even non complicated SVD with episiotomy repair grade 1 pun i cannot bear seeing the mother struggling and facing the pain in delivering the child.

yesterday, i was lucky (not a good thing for the patient) able to observe a forcep delivery due to prolonged second stage of labor. i knew the mom tried her best to pushhhh out her baby but maybe she is tired and not strong enough or etc.. poor technique.. but i really pity the mother. how worried the father was. but Alhamdulillah everything went well.

2 days ago, there was a 30 year old Indian lady, primigravida, os was 6cm open. but she cant push anymore and CTG wasnt showing a good fetal heart beats. she was then suggested for Emergency c-sect. she refused for c-sect initially and after a MO consult her nicely, she then agreed. i still can remember her super-worried face. either SVD or c-sect, each has their own pro and cons. trying SVD for her will make the fetus become brady and has high risk for HIE or etc..and pushing the mother to OT also can expose the mother to other harm.. but, in her case, c-sect is the fastest way to deliver her baby. i hope everything went well for her. insyaAllah..

this post sounds like an empty post without carrying any message. but, yeah.. i just want to make a reminder to myself about how difficult a mother to deliver her baby and rise them up. appreciate our mom, love them and make them happy as long as they are still alive. and even when they are gone, make them proud. :)

missing mom.

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