Monday, May 19, 2014

Dear Gibran Ali #4

Dear son,

do you know what is one of human problem? expressing their feeling. we are so poor in understanding our own feelings and emotion. we unable to recognize them...and that is why we cant express what we feel. and definitely this will cause miscommunication. it is good sometimes, to say directly about what you like and what you dislike. say it if you love someone, say it if you hate what the person is doing. speak out your heart. dont throw away the chance to be transparent. make people understand you.

dont be like bonda. there are so many things that i keep inside my heart. i felt insecure to speak my heart out. im afraid if i tell the truth, people will misjudge me. (or am i misjudging people now?) i think i should address this post to myself. hmm.

sometimes, there are so many emotions running inside you. you should able to recognize it and also able to process it. it is okay to have disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness and etc..but you have to channel it healthily. im feeling like im giving you psychiatry class. hehehe.

And again, bonda loves you. :)


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