Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dear Gibran Ali #1

Dear son, Gibran Ali,

first and foremost here the one who is writing for u, is your truly mother - Mai Zol. I hope u like your name. aah i know, one day mesti u ask me or your dad or question yourself, "why la nama aku kuno sangat. come on, dalam banyak nama kenapa bonda kena pilih this nama --- Gibran Ali. yuks." no! dont say so. u will make bonda sad. i choose your name since i was 20 years old (now im 21) and even before i get married and have a clue who is your father. (this is a serious talk).

Well, writing this is for you to remember me when im gone. i maybe will be a busy mother, will not have too much time to spend with u, but i want u to know that i love u. or, maybe writing this is to remind me during my old days that i have u. u might be a busy musician, bussinessman or what so ever...and u eventually forget me. maybe u not totally forget me, just, u dont have time to visit me or even give me a call or i just called u at the wrong time and u couldnt pick it up and u forget to call me back. its ok. i understand u. i just want u to know that we love each other. u will always be in my heart and i hope the same for u. insyaAllah.

The only things u should know is, every parents will feel sad when their child grow up. we will feel that we are far apart, but believe me there is something in this soul that tie us together. and, dear son, dont ever easily be carried away by any small problem. nothing in this world u cant face. and remember that, u always have me by your side. even how bad people react towards u, u still have your mommy -- me. :)

I love u. since from u havent born until u are born and until im gone.


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