Friday, December 20, 2013


End of surgery posting.

Goodbye to my fav lecturer, Mr Rustom :)
Goodbye to surgery wards, 5B and 5C.
Wouldnt forget every single patients that I have ever met -
Mr Z (who wants to masuk meminang me), Mr T, Mr AJ-GIST, nenek, anty Mary and husband, psoriasis patient and everyone.
Goodbye to all super-nice and harimau jadian doctors in the ward
Thanks for all your teaching and guidance.
Will not forget the moment I was chased away from ultrasound room and OT. Haha.
That was the most epic moment- ambush the OT and then everyone stared at u.
like u are their (hungry lions) dinner.
will not forget when i was humiliated in front of the bunch of the doctors. 
Thanks to Dr Saiful (and super thanks if u give me at least 70%) for my long case assessment mark.
Goodbye to my 'chaperone' - wishing u all the best and hope to see u around.

Was and am sorry to Dr J for giving u headache. Dont miss us. Haha.
im sure our group will be one of the remarkable moment in your 2013.

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