Thursday, November 21, 2013


Surgeon X : So when did u perform mammogram on your patient? Before menses or after or during?

------ silent -----

Surgeon X : Girls, what do you think?
Girls : I think it is after menses.. Not sure Sir.
Surgeon X : Didn't you notice that your breast are tense during menses and it will less tense after 7-10 days of menses. Right?
Girls : (Silent) is depends. (scratching our head and get blushed)
Surgeon X : Boys, what do you think? Have your girlfriend ever complaint about this?
Boys : (silent)
Surgeon X : Come on. Then, there's no point to have girlfriends.
Boy 1 : Sorry Sir. I dont have a girlfriend.
Surgeon X : Ohhh. That is a sad story.

----- laughing -------

* Just started my surgery posting. All the best for me. Work harder!

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