Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crap #1

A week well spent at home ~ perghh rasa macam heaven gila. makan.makan. study campak belakang.

Tomorrow, my 1st assessment for year 3. Bedside exam for Int Med posting. All the best Mai! Watlek watpis, exam theory on friday, and what I have done is nothing.

Semalam, first kat Putra KTM, miss out train to sg.buloh. Elok2 naik train heading to Rawang, then terlepas station Sg Buloh. Turun kat Kuang and patah balik ke sg.buloh. I was like. &!@^*# what's wrong with me?!

Oh yea, thanks to Segambut gentleman who offer me a seat in the train last night. :)

I hope everything will be fine for Pak cik AO, abang jelly, Mr.MQA and Anty MH and everyone whom help me a lot in the learning process. Thanks for the great experiences with you guys. May Allah's blessing always shower you and your family.


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