Friday, April 5, 2013


Being busy with study and exam.
Being over attached to books till putting me far away from the real world.
Making me become selfish till i forgot that im human being.
Dah rasa macam niat hidup ni cuma untuk pro exam.
Pass it, then goal.

bukan mai..

Panjang lagi.
the ultimate goal is the happiness at the hereafter, dear.
Tajdid niat,
jangan terlalu taksub.

Leka-leka hari ini,
esok boleh tergadai.

Lupa lupa hari ini,
mana nak cari ganti.

Dear Ma and Abah, I hope I will be a good daughter for both of you.
I know, my happiness is your happiness as well.
And yeah, my success is the one that u wanted.
I will. insyaAllah.

May the knot tie us till death. Sayang ma abah.

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