Saturday, February 23, 2013

Futsal match at UM.

So, today we had futsal match at UM. Representing Taylors' School Medicine. Oke. Bunyinya macam poyo je kan. Haha. We just had 4 days of practise, to find team harmony and boost up our skill. Alhamdulillah. There was a guy from Student Life Centre, Sir Vin that taught us the basic techniques of futsal.

Time tu aku dah lupa cara betul nak sepak bola. And yes up till this moment still lack in kicking, passing and stopping the ball. Masih tempang. Hehe.

There were 4 female teams for futsal. 2 from UM, 1 from New Castle and 1from Taylors. Hip hip Hoorayy..

the match begin with our team vs Team A (UM) and second match with Team B (UM). Dua-dua game kalah and that moment rasa down and bodoh gila. Kalau dalam football match, orang biasanya akan salahkan goal keeper. Sigh. Aku tak fokus. Terlalu nervous and busy shout sana sini dekat orang lain.

I called Naz and crying like Im gonna die. Haha. Padahal tade sape pun directly marah kan aku. It just...I feel bad for my team. I didnt perform well. And that moment, I understood Nabil's feeling. Teringat time sport carnival last year. Bila dah abes game, terus dia start motor and larikan diri. Membawa hati yang lara. I knew how sad and disappointed it was. Naz cakap " Maybe you put too much hope in it."
yeah.. maybe.. Really feel relieved after spilled out with Naz. Thanks dear!

Then, the last match with New Cast team. Kalah 1-0. Making us to be at fourth place. Pergh.. that striker dari New Cast hebakkk gilakkk habaaakkk hangg.. A ball from side kick corner from her friend and she was like 50m away from goal tapi dia boleh sepak kuat and bushhhh masuk goal. That moment aku masih terkebil-kebil lagi.

Masa tu dah tak larat nak rasa kecewa. Haha. Oke tipuuu. Tapi chill je lah. Menimba pengalaman.

Overall, I really really enjoyed my day. Great job everybodyyy!! Heyy-yeahhh!!

Lepas ni nak g claim duit dari Prof Ong. Kbai.

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