Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 : in review

happy 2013! leaving one year behind, and growing up one year older. insyaAllah.
reminder!, death is getting closer. and life will be tougher.

as we grow up, of course our responsibilities also grow up.

oh. how i miss my school time so much. where i dont have to think much about how to feed myself, to arrange my study time and i dont have to think about sewa rumah yang mahal, mana nak bayar bil air, bil elektrik, p1, mana nak cari wiring guy, plumber, technician and the list goes on. sigh.

but, all the trouble and hardship that i face make me more matured. make me to stand still in this reality life even though sometimes ada topan Sandy datang mengacah.

im grateful to have my lovely housemates around me. yeap, almost 1 year ktorg jadi housemates. of course sometimes ada yang hati merajuk, lidah tergigit. but still we do care about each other. they keep me moving on!

overall, i guess i have fit Charles Darwin's theory, "only the fittest will survive"

i guess, i had survived. dont u ever think that it is easy to stay in medic school after most of the exam u failed. -.-

eventhough failed most of the papers is not something to proud of, but i do proud because im still here.

Dalam Quran Allah ada berfirman, orang yang berputus asa dari rahmatNya adalah orang yang kafir.
so, jangan.jangan sesekali berputus asa. berusahalah sehabis mungkin. dan percayalah padaNya.

lastly, i pray to Allah that i will have stronger string to hold on bila topan Sandy datang mengacah.


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